Our Expertise

Metrochem's Expertise:

  • Metrochem API’s R&D and Manufacturing facilities in India are built with high Quality Standards. We be proud for high skilled teams and their impressive R&D record.
  • Metrochem’s R&D team has implemented innovative and cost-effective processes for several API’s.
  • Our R& D Centre Provides Research of APIs and Intermediates involving multi-step synthesis. We have a successful track record in Implementing and Developing processes and scaling up from lab (kilo) to commercial.
  • Our expertise in Research, Analytical Method Development, Synthesis of Impurities, Scale-Up and Technology Transfer enables us to develop new Products and meet the needs of life science companies worldwide.
  • Metrochem API’s progress in diverse businesses has been made possible through the contribution of R&D for Quality, non-Infringing processes for product development and cost reduction through process innovation.
  • Our Research Centre meets cGLP requirements and focused in the areas of Organic synthesis, Analytical Research, and Dosage development.
  • Our Research Centre in Hyderabad with an area of 1000 sq. meters has fully equipped three laboratories supported by one well-equipped analytical laboratory. We also subscribe to Sci-Finder to be able to access the current literature.
  • Competence to provide Dossiers / Technical Packages to all Regulatory countries.
  • Customs Research, Customs Synthesis services.
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