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Disclaimer : Metrochem API Pvt Ltd respects the intellectual property rights of others. Some of the Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (APIs) listed in the Metrochem’s product list or brochure or in the product list uploaded in Metrochem’s website may be protected by a valid patent in India or in any other countries concerned. However, mentioning of the name of such product(s) in the product brochure or the product list shall not be construed as infringement in any manner whatsoever. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Metrochem’s supply of API being protected by a valid product patent, if any, is intended solely for uses reasonably relating to the development and submission of information required under any law for the time being inforce, in India, or in a country other than India that regulates the manufacture, use, sale or import of the said product, strictly under the conditions as set forth in Section 107A of the Indian patents Act, 1970, as amended in 2005, or an equivalent provision (Bolar exemption) thereof in a country other than India. The disclaimer is applicable till the expiration of the corresponding product patent(s), if any, in the respective. countries concerned.  None of the products will be supplied to the countries wherein this could be in conflict with existing laws. However, the final responsibility lies exclusively with the buyer/ultimate customer.


1Acotiamide HydrochlorideDevelopment Pipeline 2Gastroprokinetic773092-05-0
2Fenticonazole NitrateDevelopment Pipeline 2Antifungal73151-29-8
3Lercanidipine HydrochlorideDevelopment Pipeline 2Antihypertensive’s132866-11-6
4EfinaconazoleDevelopment Pipeline 2Antifungal164650-44-6
5EpalrestatDevelopment Pipeline 2Diabetic neuropathy82159-09-9
6LifitegrastDevelopment Pipeline 2Dry Eye Disease1025967-78-5
7Omecamtiv MecarbilDevelopment Pipeline 2Chronic Heart Failure873697-71-3
8RimegepantDevelopment Pipeline 2Antimigraine1289023-67-1
9SiponimodDevelopment Pipeline 2Multiple sclerosis1230487-00
10Upadacitinib TartrateDevelopment Pipeline 2Antirheumatic1607431-21-9
11GliclazideDevelopment Pipeline 2Antidiabetic21187-98-4
12CandesartanDevelopment Pipeline 2Antirheumatic139481-59-7
13FaropenemDevelopment Pipeline 2Antibiotic122547-49-3
14RelugolixDevelopment Pipeline 2Prostate Cancer, Uterine Fibroids737789-87-6
15VericiguatDevelopment Pipeline 2Heart Failure
16VibegronDevelopment Pipeline 2Overactive Bladder1190389-15
17BrexpiprazoleDevelopment Pipeline 2Antipsychotic913611-97-9
18Ferric maltolDevelopment Pipeline 2Antianemic 33725-54-1
19LisinoprilDevelopment Pipeline 2Antihypertensive76547-98-3
20NiclosamideDevelopment Pipeline 2Anthelmintic50-65-7
21PonesimodDevelopment Pipeline 2Multiple Sclerosis/Immunomodulator 854107-55-4
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