Metrochem API Pvt Ltd is a leading Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients manufacturers in india. We have our own R&D Center. We have international FDA approvals.

We deliver customized Volume and Quality products to our customers across the world.

APIs 1

*None of the products will be supplied to the countries in which this could be in conflict with existing patents. Further, any products under patent will be offered for R&D purpose only. However, the final responsibility exclusively lies with the buyer.

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1OmeprazoleAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 6Antiulcerative73590-58-6Know More
2Omeprazole SodiumAPIs 6APIs 10APIs 6Antiulcerative95510-70-6Know More
3Omeprazole MagnesiumAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 6Antiulcerative95382-33-5Know More
4Esomeprazole Magnesium (3H2O)APIs 6APIs 6APIs 6Antiulcerative217087-09-7Know More
5Esomeprazole Magnesium (2H2O)APIs 6APIs 6APIs 6Antiulcerative217087-10-0Know More
6Esomeprazole SodiumAPIs 6APIs 10APIs 6Antiulcerative161796-78-7Know More
7Rabeprazole SodiumAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antiulcerative117976-90-6
Know More
8Dexrabeprazole SodiumAPIs 6APIs 28Antiulcerative171440-18-9Know More
9LansoprazoleAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 6Antiulcerative103577-45-3Know More
10DexlansoprazoleAPIs 6APIs 6Antiulcerative313640-86-7Know More
11Dexlansoprazole Sesquihydrate AmorphousAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 6Antiulceratives313640-86-7Know More
12Pantoprazole Sodium (Incl.Sesquihydrate)APIs 6APIs 6APIs 6Antiulcerative164579-32-2Know More
13Pantoprazole MagnesiumAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 6Antiulcerative471293-63-7Know More
14IlaprazoleAPIs 6APIs 44APIs 44Antiulcerative172152-36-2Know More
15VonoprazanAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antiulcerative881681-00-1Know More
16Cinitapride Hydrogen TartrateAPIs 6APIs 44APIs 28Gastroprokinetic66564-14-5Know More
17Prucalopride SuccinateAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Gastroprokinetic179474-85-2Know More
18EmpagliflozinAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antidiabetic864070-44-0Know More
19Dapagliflozin Propanediol MonohydrateAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antidiabetic461432-26-8Know More
22Saxagliptin HclAPIs 6APIs 44APIs 44Antidiabetic709031-78-7Know More
21Teneligliptin HBrAPIs 6APIs 6Antidiabetic906093-29-6Know More
22ImegliminAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antidiabetic775351-65-0
Know More
23ItraconazoleAPIs 6APIs 44APIs 44Antifungal84625-61-6Know More
24PosaconazoleAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antifungal171228-49-2Know More
25Oxiconazole NitrateAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antifungal64211-46-7Know More
26Clopidogrel Bisulphate (form I & II)APIs 6APIs 6APIs 6Antiplatelet120202-66-6Know More
27ApixabanAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antithrombotic / Anticoagulant503612-47-3Know More
28Levocetirizine Di HclAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 6Antihistamine130018-87-0Know More
29Bepotastine BesilateAPIs 6APIs 44Antihistamine190786-44-8Know More
30Antazoline phosphateAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antihistamine154-68-7Know More
31Antazoline HydrochlorideAPIs 6APIs 10APIs 6Antihistamine2508-72-7Know More
32Dimetindene maleateAPIs 6APIs 10APIs 6Antihistamine3614-69-5Know More
33OzenoxacinAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antibiotic245765-41-7Know More
34Tedizolid PhosphateAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 28Antibiotic856867-55-5Know More
35Dexketoprofen TrometamolAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Analgesic156604-79-4Know More
36EtoricoxibAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Analgesic202409-33-4Know More
37Loxoprofen SodiumAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 44Analgesic226721-96-6
Know More
38Montelukast SodiumAPIs 6APIs 44APIs 44Antiasthmatic151767-02-1Know More
39Tofacitinib citrateAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 44Antirheumatic540737-29-9Know More
40Lurasidone HclAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antipsychotic367514-88-3Know More
41Azilsartan Medoxomil PotassiumAPIs 6APIs 44Antihypertensive86303-24-7Know More
42FebuxostatAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antihyperuricemia(Gout)144060-53-7Know More
43Bempedoic Acid  APIs 6APIs 6APIs 10Antihyperlipidemic738606-46-7Know More
44SilodosinAPIs 6APIs 6APIs 28Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH)160970-54-7Know More
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